Car Transmission – Transmission of motion from gear shift to vehicle movement.

Clutch manufacturers indicate the service life of these mechanisms, but it is not possible to determine mileage or time to change the clutch. It depends on the driving style, whether driving in the city or out of town. Beginner drivers often burn the clutch in a short period of time.

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  • Synchronizers wear (jerk when actuating);
  • Failure to actuate (or force actuate) the drive;
  • Gear bearings;
  • The gearbox rustles (the rustling disappears when the clutch pedal is released);
  • Oil leakage (very common cause of gearbox breakage or other parts overheating);
  • Slips or slips;
  • Gears disappear while driving;
  • Unusual sounds;
  • There is a burning smell;
  • Other failures.