A neat car chassis is important not only for driving comfort but also for safety. You should also be aware that a minor chassis failure that is not repaired can affect and accelerate wear on other related parts, and accelerate tire wear. During your visit, we will inspect the suspension of your vehicle for free, provide you with full information on the condition of your vehicle’s suspension and advise you on how to maintain your vehicle to avoid any major unpleasant surprises on the road. We only install spare parts from reliable and quality manufacturers. We carry out the work in accordance with the instructions of the car manufacturers. This will save you time and money.

We provide the following chassis repair services:

  • Full chassis inspection;
  • Inspection and replacement of joints, levers, drawbars;
  • Inspection and replacement of shock absorbers and parts therefor;
  • Wheel bearing inspection and replacement;
  • Sailboard replacement;
  • Replacement of axles and parts thereof;
  • Other chassis repairs.